To enable voting set your block reward vote and then enable mining.

Step #1: Setup the Heavycoin wallet.

Download the heavycoin-qt wallet if you did not do this already. Install it and let it sync.

Step #2: Go to the options in your wallet.

F 2: Heavycoin Voting Controls

To set your block reward vote update field 3 - "Vote on block reward".

Step #3: Enable mining

Check box (1) - "Mine Heavycoins" and select number of threads you wish to use for mining in field (2) - "Mining threads".

You can keep track of current voting and money supply by showing detailed information on overview page of your Heavycoin wallet.

Step #1: Setup overview page

To show information about voting select box (4) - "show block reward voting on overview page"

To show information about money supply select box (5) - "show money supply on overview page"

Figure 3: Heavycoin Voting Overview

"Block reward voting" - section 1

"Money supply" - section 2

For a detailed explenation of voting and what it affects have a look at how voting works.

Happy voting!