Unlike most altcoins, Heavycoin has a strong developer backing who are comitted to its success. Over time we hope the Heavycoin developer community will grow larger and our long-term goal is to form an open source Heavycoin Foundation for promoting and developing Heavycoin over many years to come.

Core developers

The current Heavycoin core team is

The best way to contact us is using the BitMessage addresses above. Warning: the handles above are our usernames on bitcointalk.org only.


The following people have contributed to Heavycoin development in one form or another

The best way to stay updated about Heavycoin developments is to subscribe to our BitMessage announcement address.

Another great place for Heavycoin news, announcements and discussion is on the official Heavycoin forum. The official forum is currently located on the Heavycoin Information Thread at bitcointalk.org.

Community building is a big part of the Heavycoin project. We want to be seen as more than a payment network, but as a strong open source community. To this end, we are encouraging users to join the Heavycoin community by offering a diverse launch plan offering multiple ways to become a stake holder. One very good way to become a stake holder is to win a bounty for a community contribution. The current list of bounties are

If you are interested, then please post to the forum and send a PM so we can confirm the details.

Please visit the forums for more promotions and giveaways.