Heavycoin v1.3 released

17 June 2014

Heavycoin version 1.3 has been released! This version contains payment protocol support, a few minor updates and a checkpoint.


  • Payment protocol support for heavycoin: URIs
  • Added checkpoint at height 60,000
  • Minor UI fix

Downloads are available on the Download page. It is recommended that everyone upgrades to this version.

Heavycoin now accepted at Bitscoinshop

15 May 2014

Heavycoin is now accepted for payment at Bitscoinshop. The Bitscoinshop merchant stocks thousands of items such as clothes, shoes, eyeglasses, perfumes and more.

Bitscoinshop is currently offering 5% discount for all Heavycoin purchases!

Visit Bitscoinshop and spend some HVC today.

Heavycoin v1.2 released

14 April 2014

Heavycoin version v1.2 has been released! This version contains an important security update, a few minor updates and a checkpoint.


  • Security update for OpenSSL's Heartbleed bug
  • Added checkpoint at height 20,000
  • Disabled mining by default in GUI wallets
  • Updated seed node list
  • Translation fixes (contributed by Curve25519)

Downloads are available on the Download page. It is recommended that everyone upgrades to this version to get the Heartbleed security fix.

Heavycoin payments accepted at AltOutlet.com

27 March 2014

Heavycoin is now accepted for payment at AltOutlet.com. The AltOutlet.com retailer currently stocks over 8000 items, including apparel, accessories, cameras, gadgets, mobile phones, consumer electronics, tools, toys, home and garden, computers, video games and more. With this impressive line up of stock, AltOutlet.com is a true outlet store and could become one of the first crypto-currency online megastores.

To top it off, AltOutlet.com also currently offers

  • Free international shipping on all orders
  • A percentage of sales also goes to a charity of your choice, selectable at checkout

So what are you waiting for? Be part of history and make your first purchase using HVC over at AltOutlet.com.

Heavycoin v1.1 released

25 March 2014

Heavycoin version v1.1 has been released! This version contains a few minor features and a checkpoint.


  • Added getnetworkhashps RPC (helpful for block explorers and pools)
  • Added optional height parameter to getnextrewardestimate RPC (helpful for those wanting to draw real-time charts of voting)
  • Updated logging to show more block stats, such as vote and estimated next block reward
  • Bugfix to UI style - fixes issue with Win7 not showing overviewpage panel borders
  • Added checkpoint at height 10,000
  • Updated README
  • Updated copyright information

Downloads are available on the Download page.
Special thanks to those who have contributed to this release.


17 March 2014

We have released the stratum-mining software. It has been made compatible with 1GH's private closed source stratum-server, therefore you should be able to switch your external miners between the different pools. We strongly recommend you to spread your mining among many pools in order to improve decentralization.

Heavycoin price widget for Android

13 March 2014

You can now keep track of Heavycoin price on your android device with this great app!

Heavycoin Price Widget lets you continuously see the updated price for HVC.


  • Price Ticker Widget - Fetches the last traded price from Poloniex
  • Price Alerts - Get notified when the price goes above / below your set alert price.
  • Completely free, without any ads.

Satoshi Code

10 March 2014

Satoshi Code - checkout this awesome game and win Heavycoins!

Heavycoin has launched

08 March 2014

Heavycoin has launched! Download the wallet now!

Heavycoin launch

16 February 2014

Heavycoin enters IPO phase of the launch. Checkout our launch shedule for details how to become become a stakeholder.

Subscribe to Heavycoin announcement address!

16 February 2014

The best way to stay updated about Heavycoin developments is to subscribe to our BitMessage announcement address BM-2cV6qRmeK677qYBetTMXmVmu6vGo3Pn4GG.