Secure, Democratic, Fast

  • 1024 HVC REWARD
  • 128,000,000 HVC MAX SUPPLY
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Heavycoin introduces a novel ultra-secure hashing algorithm that employs multiple redundant cryptographic hash functions to secure its block chain. Bitcoin and most other crypto-currencies rely on a single cryptographic hash function, such as SHA-256. Heavycoin aims to improve security by following the old adage of not putting all the eggs in the same basket.

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Heavycoin is the first crypto-currency where the mining schedule and money supply are decided democratically by its user-base. This is achieved by allowing miners to participate in a fully decentralized cheat-proof voting process. The money supply still has a fixed upper-bound of 128M HVC. Will there be 63M or 128M HVC? How long until we get there? You decide!

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To support the largest, most vibrant mining community, Heavycoin introduces a novel ASIC-resistant cryptographic hash function called HEFTY1. Initially this opened the door for thousands of CPU-only miners. Currently HEFTY1 offers GPU miners lean power consumption and low heat generation, which is great news for keeping electricity costs low and profits high.

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The mint rate and money supply are continuously decided by cheat-proof decentralized voting.